Triton ICP-OES test



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Triton ICP test (ICP-OES) tests the concentration of 30 macro + trace elements

The triton packaging offers the possibility to have your water tested by the Triton lab in Germany. A Triton ICP test, tests the concentration of 30 (macro + trace elements): Na (Sodium), Mg (Magnesium), Ca (Calcium), K (Potassium), Sr (Strontium), B (Boron), Li (Lithium), Be (Beryllium), Ba (Barium), Ti (Titanium), V (Vanadium), Cr (Chromium), Mn (Manganese), Fe (Iron), Co (Cobalt), Ni (Nickel), Cu (Copper), Zn (Zinc), Al (Aluminum), Si (Silicon), Ash (Arsenic), Sb (Antimony), Sn (Tin), Cd (Cadmium), Se (Selenium), Mo (Molybdenum), Hg (Mercury), P (Phosphorus), Pb (Lead), I (Iodine)

Each box contains the following: * 1x User Manual * 2x Sample bottle (14ml) * 1x ID-No / login no sticker * 1x Triton ID SEC Card * 1x address sticker

Triton ICP-OES test


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