Tetra Rubin Granules 250ml



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Tetra Rubin Granules is a granulate food with natural colour enhancers for more intense colours. Special raw materials (hormone-free) ensure full development of the fish’s natural colouring. The colour-enhancing effect is recognisable within two weeks of feeding with Tetra Rubin Granules. Tetra Rubin Granules contains all essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. The stabilised vitamin C increases resistance to disease, promotes healthy growth and prevents nutrition-related deficiency symptoms. Slowly sinking granules and the high consistency guarantee a fast soaking time and a nutritional and balanced diet.

Recommended feeding for Tetra Rubin Granules:
Feed the fish several times a day with only as much food as the fish can consume within a few minutes.

Crude protein: 47.5 %
Crude fat: 6.5 %
Crude fibre: 2 %
Crude ash: 10.5 %
Water: 6 %



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