Tetra Pleco Tablets Fish Food 275 tablets



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Tetra Pleco Fish Food Tablets soften quickly, so fish will eat them readily. The plant-based recipe makes the tablets ideally suited to the nutritional requirements of herbivorous catfish and sucking loaches.
The new generation of Tetra Pleco Tablets Fish Food are dual-coloured and the innovative multi-tablets provide your fish with even more healthy variety in their diets. On each side of the tablet there are two different mixes of food.

Tetra Pleco Tablets Fish Food at a glance:

  • NEW: the same food content as Tetra PlecoMin in a new, larger size
  • Tablets soften quickly, so fish will eat them readily
  • Tablets quickly sink to the bottom, allowing you to choose a particular feeding spot
  • The new Multi-tablet formula contains high amounts of healthy spiruline alage
  • Stabilised vitamin C increases resistance to disease, promotes healthy growth and prevents nutritional deficiency
  • Contains only beneficial algae
  • Easy, convenient source of plant matter for catfish – no need to supplement diet with spinach or salad
  • Promotes vitality and good health
  • Well received by fish
  • Easily digestible
  • Long shelf life


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