Tetra Micro Menu 100ml



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Tetra Micro Menu is particularly suitable as a staple food for all small ornamental fish that feed in the upper, middle and lower water regions. With a diameter of 0.3 – 2.5 mm – depending on the type of feed as crips, granules, pellets or stick – the feeds contain high-quality nutrients and have a balanced recipe. In addition, the red extrudates contribute to an intensive colour splendour and the green ones to health and vitality. The small extrudates soak quickly in water and can easily be eaten. The high digestibility ensures clear water. All in all, Tetra Micro Menu is an ideal staple food mix for all small ornamental fish as well as young, growing cichlids and seawater fish.

Feeding recommendation Tetra Micro Menu:
Feed your fish several times a day as much, as the fish can conusme within a few minutes. Dosing spoon inlcuded.



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