Szat Clear Water B3


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Effectively removes NO2, NO3 from water and extends the time between changes. NOVELTY! + Protein Filter Technology removes harmful proteins from the water.

SZAT Clear Water Plant B3 – up to 150L

New improved Szat Clear Water filter cartridges that extend the time between water changes in the aquarium. During metabolic exchange, fish load the aquarium water with harmful substances (faeces, food remains), which accumulate over time. The most dangerous substances are ammonia NH3 and NH4, which convert nitrified bacteria into nitrites (NO2) and less dangerous nitrates (NO3). The Szat Clear Water filter pad binds the active substances on the surface, i.e. toxic nitrites and those substances that contain nitrates and help in the breakdown of hydrogen sulphide. Thanks to the ability of Clear Water Robes, the frequency of water changes is reduced several times. Filter cartridges should be placed in the upper part of the filter. After a few hours of operation (approx. 12 hours), the nitrate value decreases and the water in the aquarium will be crystal clear. Clear Water lasts for about 2 months. If the Robe Clear is yellow-brown, in this case the filter pad should be put in a salt solution for half an hour (100 g of salt / 1 l of water – we use non-iodized salt), after rinsing, we can put it back in the aquarium.

The manufacturer ensures the service life of up to 300 regeneration cycles.

The original inserts should not be used in those aquariums where we want to achieve the “black water” effect, because it will bring out the colors! In order to maintain BW, we recommend using BLACK WATER filter inserts as well as PLANTS!

Advantages of Clear Water: saves water, saves time, crystal clear water.


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