SunSun ShallowPump 1000l / h – low immersion pump



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Pump with a unique design that allows operation in shallow immersion (up to 0.8 cm). It has a large basket protecting against the ingress of larger dirt into the pump. It can work without a break 24/7. Ideally suited for drying aquariums, flooded basements or pumping water from other tanks. Additionally, it can work as a feed pump, e.g. a pond filter.

More information
Super shallow immersion:
The ShallowPump pump is completely waterproof and can run fully submerged. However, the most important advantage is the ability to work in only partial immersion. The minimum water level is only 8mm.

Super performance:
The SunSun pump is built on the basis of many years of experience. It is characterized by reliability and efficient work as well as high energy efficiency. The rotor, being the heart of the device, is resistant to high resistance of the pumped water, and also has a sintered stainless steel axis with titanium.
Therefore, the pump can pump water to a height of 140cm and has a capacity of 1000l / h.

Can the pump work without interruption?
Yes, the pump can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Continuous operation is not a burden to her and does not affect the service life of the product.

Is it resistant to contaminated water?
The pump has a large filter screen, designed to prevent larger impurities from entering the pump that could block the impeller.

Connector included:
The set includes a fitting for a standard 12 / 16mm hose or for any other with 12mm inner diameter

Technical data:
– power consumption: 15W
– 140cm water lifting pole
– capacity 1000l / h
– 230V power supply (cable included)
– power cable length: 150cm


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