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Aquarium – O! -LED shrimp tank is a ready-made aquarium set to use. It was created with aesthetics in mind to adapt the aquarium to the modern interior of the apartment. The set includes a shapely stand, efficient filter and strong LED lamp. The set is suitable for advanced aquarists and for beginners.

More information
A small and shapely aquarium can easily be adapted in the interior of any apartment or office. We can easily create a small patch of hydrosphere that will please not only the owner. Easy to use will not cause problems in everyday use, and a set of filters and lamps solves the problem of choosing the right products.

The set includes:

– aquarium 21x21x22cm
Glued jointless technique. The walls adhere perfectly to each other, and the colorless silicone is invisible to the human eye with a weld. The aquarium is made of great jejena glass with the highest transparency.

– LED lamp
It provides excellent illumination of the tank and promotes photosynthesis of plants. The color scale (white 10000K and blue 12000K) stains plants and popular small decorative fish very well. Has excellent light output. The luminous flux was determined at 500lm, illuminance at 15000lx.

– internal filter
Small in size, and it is very efficient, sponge filter. It comes with rain showers and a tube with an aerator. Thanks to it, the water will not only be clear but also well aerated.

– stand and decorative accessories
The set includes an aesthetic stand for the aquarium. It not only ensures the safety of installations, but also excellent aesthetics. The stand together with the top corners gives the impression of modern. This guarantees a perfect look and allows you to adapt your aquarium in any home or office.

Technical data:
– aquarium overall dimensions with stand and lamp: 21x21x30cm (width x length x height)
– filter with aerator: model HJ-111B, 2W power consumption, two nozzles, flow 200l / h
– LED lamp: AD-150 model, 5W power consumption, 500lm and 15,000 lights

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