SunSun Magnet Brush M + Scrape – floating magnetic cleaner up to 10mm



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With the new Magnet Brush + Scrape cleaner, cleaning your aquarium glass has never been easier! Interchangeable scrapers with a plastic or steel blade, two cleaning surfaces and the ability to swim – all these attributes are characterized by a scraper that has everything to make cleaning your windows as easy as possible.

More information
What glass thickness is recommended?
The Magnet Brush L + Scrape scraper is suitable for windows from 3 to 24mm. Recommended glass thickness is 10 mm and 12 mm

Replaceable blades:
Magnet Brush + Scrape has replaceable scrapers, which means that you can replace them freely according to your needs or after excessive wear of the scraper. The set includes two scrapers with different blades.
The metal blade, great and extremely fast, removes all kinds of dirt, including algae and diatoms
The plastic blade is dedicated to tanks made of acrylic, where it works just as well as the metal blade in a glass aquarium.

I can swim!
This is a fantastic skill Magnet Brush + Scrape. Who needs it? Sometimes it happens that with vigorous cleaning the scraper “breaks off”. (this does not happen when we use the cleaner to the recommended glass thicknesses). Either it falls off when passing over the edge of the aquarium to the adjacent wall or simply by the user’s attention. With such an event, all cleaners fall to the bottom of the aquarium and it is difficult to pull them out. This does not apply to Magnet Brush + Scrape. If you detach, the part of the cleaner immersed in water will flow to the surface, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Two cleaning surfaces:
The cleaner is equipped with special cleaning surfaces.
The inner part, in addition to the replaceable scraper, is equipped with a cleaner with a structure of plastic protrusions, which additionally clean the glass pane from even the smallest dirt
The outer part is equipped with felt responsible for polishing the glass to maximize the transparency of your aquarium.

Super cleanliness and comfort worthy of an aquarium master:
All the above-mentioned features of the cleaner make it one of the best on the market, because it has been equipped with everything that only an outstanding scraper can be equipped with. Tedious care work, often picking up the pleasure of being an aquarist, has been eliminated. Cleaning windows has never been easier!

Technical data:
– trade name: Magnet Brush M + Scrape
– recommended for 6mm, 8mm and 10mm glass
– can be used in glass panes from 3mm to 18mm
– number of scrapers in the package: 2 (metal and plastic blade)
– replaceable scrapers: YES
– floating cleaner: YES
– dimensions of the inner part: 11cm x 5cm x 2cm (dimensions given with a blade)
– dimensions of the outer part: 9cm x 5 cm x 4.5cm

Don’t know how thick your glass is? Check the dimensions of the sample tanks:
– 6mm: 60x40x40; 80x30x40; 80x35x40; 100x40x40
– 8mm: 50x50x50; 80x40x50; 100x40x50; 100x50x50; 120x50x50
– 10mm: 100x70x60; 100x60x70; 120x50x60; 150x50x50; 150x50x60; 200x50x50
– 12mm: 120x50x70; 150x50x70; 150x60x70; 200x60x60; 200x60x70;
– 15mm: 300x70x80


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