SunSun JVP-131 – circulating pump 3000 – 6000 / lh



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The SunSun circulator pumps have a continuous power regulation and a rotating ball head. Mounted on a magnet, they go far beyond the standard of products at a similar price, making it an unrivaled circulation pump in this price range.

More information
The circulating pump is designed to eliminate “dead zones” in the circulation of water in the aquarium. By eliminating dead zones, you can protect the reservoir against the occurrence of algae, cyanobacteria or dino. Proper circulation ensures better water filtration and provides macro and micro elements along with food for the entire volume of the tank.

Thanks to the small dimensions, the pump can be placed anywhere in the aquarium. The installation is facilitated by a strong magnet, ensuring durable and reliable assembly. The pump has a ball-pivoting water pumping head that can be diverted anywhere in any deviation range.

The SunSun manufacturer’s pumps are equipped with a smooth flow adjustment, which allows to adjust the work efficiency to the needs of the tank. Adjustment is possible through a system of diffusion or reinforcing bushings.

The SunSun pump is built on the basis of many years of experience of the brand’s manufacturer. It is characterized by reliability and efficient work. The rotor, which is the heart of the device, is resistant to high resistance of the pumped water, and moreover, it has an axis made of sintered stainless steel with titanium, enabling the pump to work in seawater.

The energy-efficient pump motor provides considerable efficiency. The engine is characterized by high work culture and does not generate vibrations, which are a frequent cause of loud operation of pumps. Erasers that are located under the magnets additionally suppress the device making them inaudible.

The construction of the device prevents clogging with various types of contaminants, which makes the pump virtually maintenance-free.

Technical data:
– efficiency from 3000l / h to 6000l / h
– power consumption 8W
– dimensions: 7.7 x 7 x 12.6 cm


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