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The HXS-01 dehumidifier is an excellent tool for cleaning the bottom in a marine or freshwater tank. It has the possibility of working in closed and open circulation. Powered from the mains, it does not require the purchase of batteries. The adjustable length allows use in aquariums from 20 to 76 cm in height.

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The water change process is tedious, uncomfortable, often difficult, and most importantly, frequent occupation. By creating many unpleasant situations, this is one of the most disliking care activities that applies to every aquarist. The bottom-silting process can be similarly infamous. The product of the SunSun HXS-01 manufacturer solves all these problems and has a number of advantages and conveniences, so that the whole water change and bottom settling process is quick and pleasant.
To meet these requirements, the manufacturer used the following solutions:

The desiccator has a quick changeover system between the open and the external water circulation. This allows the work of the desilter as a pump for replacing the water, at the same time silting the bottom or desilter, which the purified water leaves in the tank.

In the closed water circulation system for filtration, the appropriate micro-plastic mesh is used, which stops all, even the smallest impurities, returning purified water to the tank. The net can be easily removed and rinsed if necessary.

The dehuller’s design allows it to be used in a wide range of aquarium depths (from 20 to 76 cm). Thus meeting the requirements of most tanks.

The desludger pump is supplied from the mains with a length of cable (280cm). This solution does not create any restrictions, and what’s more, it does not require the use of expensive batteries that are quickly depleted.

The large sludge cup ensures proper circulation of the substrate and has a special lace that facilitates water collection. It is finished with a sieve which prevents suction of larger elements.

The dehumidifier can work as a pump for water changes. The open system of water circulation enables draining water from the tank along with desludging and gives the possibility of filling the tank.

The heart of the device is a small pump with a large capacity and low power consumption. The rotor axis made of a stainless steel alloy and titanium makes the sludge suitable for working in seawater.

Technical data:
– efficiency: 350l / h
– power consumption: 6W
– for tanks from 20 to 76 cm of water level
– 70cm water lifting pole


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