SUNSUN HW-604 – bucket prefilter 16/22


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SunSun HW as prefilter:
Using the HW prefilter significantly affects the cleanliness of the main filter and the purity of the water. All mechanical impurities are retained in the prefilter, which is easier to use than any external filter. The use of pre-filtration significantly extends the time between the need to look into the main filter, and thus improves and facilitates the operation of the filtration system.

What kind of filter inserts does it have?
The HW filter is standardly equipped with sponges of three grades responsible for the filtration of solid particles and the development of bacterial flora responsible for the decomposition of compounds harmful to the water environment.

HW material class:
The best quality materials were used for construction. The body, cover and other plastic elements are made of ABS, which is an amorphous material with high density. It is highly resistant to cracks and mechanical damage. The seals are made of rubber with an appropriate number of polyolefin chain connections, which ensure adequate flexibility and durability. Materials and original casting forms guarantee the reliability of the filter for which it was created. Manufacturers – “imitators” of filters with the same structure, of which there are many on the market, may envy the workmanship, quality and class of the SunSun brand product.

Filter housing closing system:
The effectiveness of the tightness is complemented by an appropriate closing system. The system is based on the operation of four clasps that operate on the principle of a lever and a latch, exerting a large pressing force on the filter cover, thus ensuring tightness of the closure.

HW filter valves:
The filter is equipped with large hose connections with valves. The valves enable closing the water circulation, and the system of connecting the valves to the filter housing enables the valves and the flooded hoses to be disconnected from the pre-filter, enabling maintenance work to be carried out.

Technical data:
– dimensions: 215x195x365mm
– dedicated to filter with flow: from 250l to 2500l
– diameter of hose connections 16/22


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