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SunSun HW is a popular external filter model with an extremely successful, capacious and reliable design. The well-thought-out design allows you to operate aquariums up to 250 liters and ensures incredible ease of use.
The SunSun manufacturer has many “imitators” who are too eager to copy this lower-quality model. The reliability of the model is guaranteed by high-quality materials and original workmanship.

HW series filters were created with the highest possible capacity in mind, guaranteeing the best filtration, while at the same time being simple to use and operate the filter, ensuring failure-free operation.

Quality of SunSun os materials:
The best quality materials were used for construction. The body, cover and other plastic elements are made of ABS, which is an amorphous material with high density. It is highly resistant to cracks and mechanical damage. The seals are made of rubber with an appropriate number of polyolefin chain connections, which ensure adequate flexibility and durability. Materials and original casting forms guarantee the reliability of the filter for which it was created. Manufacturers – “imitators” of filters with the same structure, of which there are many on the market, may envy the workmanship, quality and class of the SunSun brand product.

Tightness only in the original:
The tightness is complemented by a double closing system. The system is based on two pairs of buckles with different closing methods. One of the pairs provides leverage pressure, ensuring tight closure. A pair of these clips also makes it easier to open the filter cover. The second pair of buckles ensures a durable closure, even when lifting the full filter by holding the cover. These buckles are closed using the latch method.

The filter has an “aqua-stop” system that blocks the flow of water from the filter to the hoses. This valve allows you to disconnect the hoses from the filter cover. It is necessary during all care work.

Quiet and efficient:
Silent operation is ensured by a pump with high operating culture. The pump is based on a ceramic impeller, enabling operation in seawater. It is enclosed in a tight and large filter cover, which additionally dampens the pump’s operation, and rubber feet dampen any vibrations.

Water inlet and outlet:
A tube with a safety basket collects water in the closest possible areas to the bottom. The length of this tube can be freely modified by adding additional tube segments. In this way, the filter sucks in impurities lying at the bottom, which are a common cause of silting up the bottom and deteriorating water quality. The inlet has a strainer that prevents fish, shrimps, plants and other large elements from entering the filter.

The water outlet, thanks to a large number of pipes and fittings, can also be freely modified. It is done using a rain shower, which perfectly aerates the water, effectively replacing popular aerators.

The filter is originally equipped with various filter media.
Biological filtration is provided by bio-ceramics of various porosities and bioballs. Ceramics and bioballs are a habitat for bacteria that reduce the concentration of NH3, NH4 and NO2 in the aquarium, at the same time affecting the health of fish and providing natural food for plants.

Chemical filtration is provided by activated carbon, which perfectly binds metals and their compounds, humic substances, pesticides and metabolic products. It is a cartridge that clarifies water and reduces unpleasant water odor. Improves water quality, including biological filtration.

Mechanical filtration is provided by a sponge with appropriate gradation. It removes all impurities from the water, clarifying the water from any dust, plant remains or small floating parts of the substrate.

Filter media baskets can accommodate any filter cartridge depending on the needs of the tank.


Technical data:
– capacity: 1400l/h
– recommended for tanks with a capacity of 200 to 400 l
– power: 35W
– external dimensions: 258x258x430mm
– weight: 5 kg
– power cable length: 1.5 m
– maximum water lifting: 2m


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