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Health Water is a new line of popular HW series bucket filters. The design of the filter housing and cover has been significantly improved and a pump with lower power consumption compared to the traditional HW filter has been used. The set includes a set of hoses, inlets and outlets. The filter has a 9W UV-C sterilizer.

About the new Health Water filter and the old HW series:
The HW series (HW-302, 303 and 304) are currently the best-selling external filters not only in Poland. They owe their popularity to a low price combined with good quality and very large capacity. Currently, the manufacturer SunSun introduces a new series of Health Water filters (702, 703 and 704) as an upgrade of earlier HW. Filters are based on proven technology and construction proven over the years and hundreds of thousands of users. The new HWs still provide outstanding filtration through their large capacity, but their design has been improved and the filter motor has been changed. Read about the differences in the following paragraph:

What’s new? What are the differences between the new and the old HW?
Already at the first contact you can see a big difference in the appearance of the filter. The new formation of the outer body is the result of the following changes introduced in the structure:

– guides. So, you will always close the filter properly.
The possibility of filter leakage on the main gasket, which was caused by the angular placement of the cover, has been eliminated. That is, the possibility of closing the filter in deviation from the correct radius in the horizontal plane. The new filter has special guides to ensure that the filter is closed in the correct position. Thus, the most common leakage problem, which was basically user error, was eliminated.

– double bucket. Reinforced walls.
The main bucket, in other words the filter media container, has reinforcement columns. This solution has its motives, as it provides adequate structural rigidity and strength. In addition, it well dampens vibrations by suppressing the sound of the filter operation.

– stop aeration! Bubbles are only good in champagne.
More than 90% of bucket filters have a not entirely successful design of a hand pump. By design, it is responsible for flooding the filter and hoses and is to be used to vent the filter. Often it is she who is to blame for the air in the filter. It is literally where air is held. This leads to obstruction and is manifested by continuous spitting of air. Pumping or shaking the filter does not help much and it can take several days. Horror!
The new Health Water avoided this problem by having water flow channels and a different impeller placement. The air bubble no longer has its “safe” place and is “spit out” by the filter.

– new energy-saving motor
Energy consumption reduced by 22%. This is good news with constantly rising electricity prices. You will save up to PLN 60 per year on electricity alone!

– new inlet and outlet
This item has also been updated. Both the inlet and outlet are equipped with a holder for the edge of the aquarium. The set also includes suction cups for the hose and hose clamps, guaranteeing the durability of the installation
Inlet: has modules that increase the length of the tube. Length from 15 to 60 cm.
Outlet: Rain shower. It has modules. Length from 20 to 40 cm. The outlet is rotatable.

– UV lamp auto-switch
There is a clever device inside the filter housing. Namely, the UV lamp safety auto-switch. It will turn off the UV filament automatically, protecting your eyes and health, if you want to run the lamp on an open filter.

Big filter means better filtration.
“This has always been obvious to those who have studied the science of aquaristics.”
It’s not the brand, price or manufacturer’s praise that makes a filter good. The rule is simple: the more cartridges, the better the filter. It is worth noting that HW filters are one of the largest on the market. Most manufacturers only increase the power of the pump, which defeats the purpose, but it looks better and convinces unsuspecting customers. The filter is supposed to filter through filter cartridges! And the power of the pump should be properly selected. Too much water flow literally rinses the filter, leaving no possibility of mechanical, biological or chemical filtration.

UV-C lamp sterilization:
UV-C radiation waves quickly and effectively sterilize water. That is, they instantly kill all kinds of algae and algae spores, viruses, fungi, cyanobacteria (cyanobacteria) and other unwanted microbes. daily use with a UV lamp, prevents algae plagues and various other unwanted surprises. The lamp has a separate switch to be used as needed or according to established prophylactic regimen. In the housing there is a viewfinder informing about the operation of the filament.

All filters in the Health Water series are tested before sale. Proof? Residual water under the lid.
You’re not buying blindly. New solutions introduced, proven technology, low power consumption, pre-sale tests and low prices. This is the best outdoor filter of 2020!

Technical data:
– model / manufacturer name: HW 704A
– trade name: Health Water 4
– pump power: 45W
– pump capacity: 2000 l/h
– dedicated to a 500l aquarium
– minimum aquarium: 300l
– maximum aquarium: 1100l
– hose: diameter 16/22 length 2 x 200cm
– dimensions: 27x27x44cm (total dimensions with hose adapters)
– filament power: 9W, life



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