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The MultiPro Filter is by far the most extensive and professional internal filter, dedicated not only to professionals. It has a modular structure, which greatly facilitates the operation and maintenance of the filter. Each of the filter modules is equipped with a strainer, sponge and biological insert. The pump capacity and the direction of water flow are fully adjustable.

More information
The MultiPro Filter has many unprecedented features, primarily aimed at:
– provide the best water filtration
– facilitate filter service and cartridge care
– enable full control of filter efficiency and water outlet direction
The above aspects, together with a modern pump, make the filter undeniably one of the best among outstanding internal filters.
Its advantages will be appreciated by every professional looking for a new and good solution to many limitations resulting from the construction of ordinary internal filters. However, despite the high advancement of the design, the filter can be used by a beginner aquarist. This is because its extensive design does not make it difficult, but facilitates its operation, and what’s more, it is ready for use.

Modular design. So what does the MultiPro filter consist of?
The MultiPro 700 model consists of 5 modules.
– module 1
This is the bottom filter cap. Its task is to direct the water flow in the filter module mounted just above it.
– modules 2 and 3
These are filtration segments. Each of them has a highly perforated structure resembling a basket. Inside there is a filter sponge and a bio-ceramic cartridge.
The design of these components forces the water to flow first through the sponge and then through the biological cartridge. Purified water through the lower module goes to the next one without the sponge. Thus improving biological filtration.
– module 4
It is mainly an element of the pump and its impeller structure. This segment includes another (this is already the third) sponge.
– module 5
Engine. So a water pump. This element is integrated with the outlet and flow control. You can read more about these elements below.

Water flow regulation.
You can freely adjust the performance of the water pump using the large knob. Calibrate the power to your needs from 15% to 100% of the pump power.

A water outlet that has never been seen before.
There are some useful functions in this subassembly.
Here they are:
– determine the direction of the outlet at an angle of over 90 degrees. horizontally
– set the direction of the outlet at an angle of 45 degrees. horizontally
– start water aeration, using the tube and air valve

Technical data and parameters:
– manufacturer: SUNSUN
– brand: Grech
– trade name: MultiPro Filter
– manufacturer code: CF

– power consumption: 12W
– maximum pump capacity: 900l / h
– minimum pump capacity: 135l / h
– dimensions: 11x7x37cm

– the filter and all its modules
– a set of sponges and biological inserts
– plate with suction cups to hang the filter
– aeration kit
– instruction
– original Grech cardboard    


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