SunSun CT-404- adjustable aerator



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SunSun CT is a series of professional aeration sets, created for handling aquarium tanks. The series is characterized by quiet operation and energy efficiency. Thanks to the use of modern technology, this product is much more resistant to continuous operation.

More information
Adequate aeration is one of the most important needs for healthy water life. In the gas exchange process, all inhabitants of the aquarium absorb oxygen by donating carbon dioxide. If too much CO2 accumulates in the water, fish and plants can die. In the aeration process, CO2 is replaced by free oxygen from the air, thus maintaining the right amount of oxygen in the water and taking care of the correct pH of the water.

Sunsun CT is an aerator created on the basis of the hitherto achievements of technology in this field, but with much higher strength and lower power consumption, possible due to the use of better wear-resistant materials.
Refreshed design includes elements such as: a membrane, which is made of high quality elastic material, which is the secret of the SunSun brand, plunger connecting the electromagnet with a membrane, which is made of titanium alloy – resistant to high temperature and much lower weight, electromagnet coil having more coils with the same volume – these and other advantages affect the lower power consumption, higher efficiency and the trouble-free continuous operation of the product, even for several years.

The device has a smooth power regulation, allowing you to maintain the right amount of oxygen and CO2 in the aquarium.

The pump has a soft rubber foot that does not transfer vibrations to the surface it is standing on. In addition, it has a rubber hanger that performs a similar function.

Technical data:
– power consumption: 8W
– pressure: 0.016MPa
– efficiency: 4 x 2.8l / min
– number of outlets: 4
– dimensions: 17,3 x 16 x 7cm


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