SunSun Crystal Lake 6 in 1- integrated fountain filter system



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Crystal Lake 5in1 is a fully equipped water filtration system with a fountain. The set has three-stage filtration, water sterilizer – a UV-C lamp, they issue a water pump and fountain nozzles with the option of changing the outlet nozzle, giving different effects of the fountain. Everything is in one housing to maximize ease of use.

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Why is Crystal Lake a good choice?

First of all, the set is integrated. And this means that all stages of filtration, pump, UV lamp and fountain nozzle are in one element. The water filtering system is based on three stages. It provides biological filtration, i.e. degradation, through the action of bacteria, harmful substances and double mechanical filtration, i.e. filtering impurities from water. In addition, the system is equipped with a UV-C sterilizer. Water sterilization through UV light perfectly kills all types of viruses, fungi, and most importantly algae spores, guaranteeing impeccable clean water.

“It is easy to use and install. Suitable for any pond with a capacity of up to 9000 liters.”

How to mount Crystal Lake in a pond?
Just put the filter on the bottom of the tank. The long telescopic arm of the fountain is enough to put them outside the water surface. Do you have a flat bottom? No trouble! The fountain nozzle is placed on the ball joint to allow the fountain to be positioned vertically.

Filtration stages and water cycle at a glance:
1. Already at the beginning a large perforated basket / filter housing filters larger contaminants such as leaves or plant residues.
2. Just below the basket there is a filter insert responsible for the decomposition of harmful substances through the action of beneficial bacteria.
3. Then the water is filtered mechanically with a large sponge.
4. The next stage is water sterilization with a UV-C lamp
5. Water is again filtered through a smaller gradation sponge.
6. Through the flow adjusting insert, the water stream is fed to the pump
7. The pump directly pumps water under high pressure into the fountain nozzle.

“Everything is in one element. I didn’t have to connect anything or bother with installing filters as it used to be”

Pump, aeration and capacity control:
The pump included in the set was designed using the latest technologies and was made of the best quality materials, thanks to which it was possible to create an extremely energy-efficient pump with considerable efficiency. The pump is characterized by quiet operation and reliability.

The pump capacity is regulated from 10% to 100% of power by means of a knob located on the pump housing.
You can additionally aerate the water by installing a 6mm hose on the connector placed in the capacity knob. Note: the hose is not included in the set.

“I can’t hear the pump at all, not even at 100% power. The fountain headdress really pleases my children”

Fountain and tee for a hose:
The perfect filter set is completed by a multifunctional fountain. It has three different outlet nozzles with unique possibilities enabling the creation of various shapes of a water fountain.

You can use the tee to transfer the water stream, e.g. to the fountain and water cascade or only to the cascade. The tee has smooth double flow regulation so that the user can determine how much water goes to the waterfall and how much to the fountain.

The fountain outlet makes it possible to adjust the length of the fountain nozzle (28 – 42cm). The fountain nozzle is placed on a ball joint, allowing the fountain to be angled.

“I bought one product. I have a filter, a UV lamp and a beautiful fountain – my garden is even more beautiful”

Technical data:
– dedicated to water reservoirs from 900l to 9000l
– maximum flow: 1000L / hour
– water lifting pole: 1.4 m
– pump power consumption: 12 W
– 13W UV lamp power (standard pin spacing)
– dimensions: 35 cm x 9 cm x 8.5 cm
– possible immersion depth: from 15 to 45cm
– 5m cable length (thick, 3-wire, standard EU plug with ground)
– hose fitting with inner diameter: 10mm, 14mm, 16mm, 22mm, 24mm


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