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The Paludarium is the latest fashion cry that will be appreciated by every aquarist and botany lover. A new look at aquaristics and home floristry in the form of a paludarium, combining these two passions, will turn the head of all those who appreciate nature, without exception. To have a beautiful green corner, you do not need to be familiar with aquaristics, terrariums or even keeping plants at home.

Paludarium. What is this?
The name of the paludarium comes from the Latin words palus (swamp, marsh) and arium (closed container). The paludarium is intended to represent the transition zone between the water and the earth zones with their highly diverse vegetation. This ecotone multiplies the possibilities for the decoration and species diversity of flora. You will effectively recreate the Contact Effect, known in ecology.

What is needed
There is nothing left of technology and accessories. Everything you need is included. Or:

– glass container
High-transparent glass and gluing them with colorless silicone fully reflect the beauty of the nature it contains. The glass is resistant to breaking, thanks to the technique known, among others aquarists.

– stand
Don’t worry about a tank liner. the elegant base allows the installation of a paludarium on each cabinet.

– lighting
Plants need light for photosynthesis. And it is included. A small and discreet lamp (only 7mm thick) will provide the light necessary for the life of plants

– water filter
It is a container in which you can put cotton or sponge to filter the water. This is crucial for the purity of the water and for any ornamental fish living in it.

– pump and waterfall
The set includes a pump. It powers the water filter and has an additional water outlet, equipped with a transparent tube, thanks to which you can create a water cascade.

How to do it?
It’s easy! The set is already assembled. All you have to do is put a lamp on it. The rest, that is, all the fun of creating, is up to you. Buy a substrate, e.g. river gravel (approx. 2 kg), pour out to the bottom of the tank. Collect the stones or buy them in a garden shop and make a decoration with them. The plants can be found in your garden or in the shop (e.g. Obi). choose those that like moisture. Have fun arranging and replanting your plants according to own imagination.

Technical data:
– manufacturer: SUNSUN
– trade name: Aqua Paludarium
– manufacturer code: HSJ-300

– dimensions of the tank on the stand: 30x30x34.5cm (width x length x height)
– height with a lamp: 39.5 cm

– pump power consumption: 2.5W
– lighting power: 2.5W
– illuminance: 22500lx
– luminous flux: 750lm


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