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SunSun ADS luminaires are the only lamps with a balanced color temperature contributing to fast plant growth. They use super bright, energy-saving High Power LED diodes of various colors and a guaranteed lifetime of over 50,000 hours. SunSun ADS LED lighting is dedicated to aquariums with a large number of plants.

More information
The design of the ADS series lamps is created with an aesthetic appearance in mind, combining weight reduction and unobtrusive size of the lamp while maintaining its functionality and lighting power. Thanks to such assumptions, it was possible to create a super flat lamp (12mm) with an incredible light output in various colors, and additionally with an extremely aesthetic housing.
Such features will appeal to every aquarist, and the lamp will become a decoration, not a blemish of the tank.

The most important advantage of the ADS series lamps is the wide spectrum of colors emitted by high-quality High-Power-Led diodes. The color range from 6500K to 7500K perfectly illuminates the tank, and above all, it promotes photosynthesis, accelerating plant growth. An additional advantage is high power. Incomparably larger than in the case of competing lamps of the same length and dedication to the size of the tank.
The advantages of strong light with appropriate colors make this product more than competitive.

The light and flat housing of the luminaire is made of a durable aluminum alloy, and the special design of the profile allows for efficient heat dissipation, which extends the life of the LEDs.
The LEDs are closed with a special, completely transparent acrylic plate that protects the lamp against splashes and humidity.

Adjustable sliding feet ensure perfect and durable installation of SunSun luminaires on any aquarium.
The legs are finished with acrylic glass holders with a maximum thickness of 12mm. The handles, in turn, are mounted with screws, which guarantee the durability of the installation.

The mounting screws and handles are made of acrylic, and the legs are made of stainless steel, thanks to which the lamp looks very aesthetic and, thanks to the advantages of these materials and the long life of the LEDs, it can work for many years without changing its parameters and without rusting.

The lighting angle is 120 degrees, which allows you to illuminate a large area of ​​the aquarium surface with one device.

The color temperature emitted by the lamp promotes photosynthesis and supports faster plant growth. In addition, it perfectly illuminates the reservoir, affecting the clarity of the water, and the coloration of plants and fish.
The lamp has a transformer that supplies a safe voltage of 12V.

Technical data:
– power 80W
– color temperature 6500K – 7500K
– lamp dimensions 91.5 x 10 x 2 cm
– for an aquarium with dimensions from 98 to 115 cm
– permissible glass thickness from 0 to 12mm




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