AZOO 3in1 Bio Sponge - 3 filter sponges 28x13x1.5cm


Sponge – filter cartridge 30ppi (medium gradation) black 50x50x10cm

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AZOO 3 IN 1 BIO-SPONGE is a biological filter material, it also stops mechanical impurities.

It consists of three sponges:

brown (coarse), dimensions 28x13x1.5 cm
blue (medium) with dimensions of 28x13x1.5 cm
black (fine-grained) with dimensions of 28x13x1 cm
AZOO 3 IN 1 BIO-SPONGE contains 3 sponges of different density. AZOO 3 IN 1 BIO-SPONGE allows aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to settle on the sponges at the same time.
Different porosity sizes ensure optimal flow, prevent water blockage and provide the largest surface area for bacteria to stick.
The blue and brown sponge with loose pores generates a spiral movement of water and provides very well dissolved oxygen to stimulate the growth of aerobic bacteria.
The dense black bio-sponge is suitable for the growth of denitrifying anaerobic bacteria.
The sponges are made of high-quality materials as evidenced by their long durability.
Sponges can be additionally cut to any size.
It is the best, sponge, biological material.
Recommendations for use:
Suitable for internal, external, pond, sprinkler and sump filters.
It is important to use the blue, brown, black sponge in order, with the water flowing through the sponges from the side of the blue (first) sponge.
Sponges should be cleaned in water at a temperature of about 25 ° C.
Simultaneous use with AZOO DUAL ACTIVE CARBON enhances the effect and extends the shelf life of the sponges.


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