Special Blend MICROBE Lift- 118ml


Microbe Lift

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The product is called ecosystem in a bottle. Ideally suited to newly created reservoirs, as well as in already existing, improving their condition.

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A complete ecosystem in a bottle designed for freshwater aquariums and marine. Reduces the frequency of water changes, and thus allows for less frequent cleaning of the tank. This product is free of chemicals based on live bacteria. It speeds up the maturation of the new tank. Reduces the levels of organic pollutants and also stimulates plant growth. Reduces the level of ammonia and accelerates decomposition of nitrates. Removes unpleasant odor and turbidity of the water. It improves the condition of plants and their capacity for photosynthesis. Settling accelerates decomposition of impurities in the substrate, plants, rocks. Accelerates the removal of proteins.


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