Seachem Matrix Carbon 250ml



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Matrix Carbon is a unique type of activated carbon in the form of spherical, non-clumping granules. It does not impede the flow of water, and thanks to the porous structure ensures a high level of its purification.

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Matrix Carbon has a low soot content and has a minimal effect on the pH of the water. Even added to distilled water, it does not raise the pH above 7.0. Other types of activated carbon often contain phosphates. Matrix Carbon has the lowest content of these compounds of all such preparations available on the market. In terms of the ability to remove organic matter, absorption value and time of use is twice as high as the products of the most famous companies.

Usage: 250 ml is sufficient for an aquarium with a capacity of up to 400l for several months. Matrix Carbon does not dust and is extremely clean. For best results, the carbon bag should be placed in the place with the highest water flow. The product can be used in canister filters, chemical filtration modules in overflow filters and sprayed beds.


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