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RICH ONE is a wealth of fulvic acids, amino acids, microelements and oligosaccharides, which are obtained in natural processes, including fermentation. Fulvic acids contained in RICH ONE accelerate and facilitate the transport of minerals and vitamins to cells, increase the absorption of nutrients, show very strong antioxidant properties. Besides, thanks to the content of, among others amino acids, micronutrients contributes, among others. for the development of plankton in the aquarium and the creation of biological balance. RICH ONE can be used in shrimp and plant aquariums.

Typically 1 level teaspoon per 20-25 liters of water every 2 weeks or regularly for each water change. When starting a new tank, the dose can be doubled. The product colors the water a slightly brown-amber color which disappears with time. Hygroscopic product. Store in a tightly closed container. Be careful not to put a wet spoon in the packaging.

Available packages: 10 g (sachet + dosing spoon) and 30 g (plastic jar + dosing spoon).

ATTENTION! Keep away from children. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Do not use for breeding plants and animals intended for consumption and food processing. The product is intended for aquariums with shrimps, fish and ornamental plants.


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