Resun Streamax 550 – cascade filter for the aquarium 76 – 114l



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The Streamx SMX Streamx filter series from REsun aqua Syncro provides three-stage water filtration.
It has a number of facilities to facilitate the operation of the filter, such as replaceable filter cartridges – cartridges that can be purchased if necessary, and a system that informs about the wear of the filter cartridges. The filter has a smooth performance adjustment.

More information
Cascade filters have been created for the best filtration, due to the large volume. At the same time, the filter design allows it to be placed outside the tank, thus saving space in the aquarium, and the water return, which is carried out using a cascade, perfectly aerates the water in the aquarium. Such filter features far outweigh the internal filters, regardless of the volume of the aquarium.

The Resun Aqua Syncro SMX Streamax cascade filter series has been created for simplicity of care and use. The filter has special inserts for biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. The inserts located in the filter and included in the set can be removed for replacement. This operation is extremely simple and will not cause anyone a problem.

The most important feature of the Streamax filter is a special sensor informing the user about the need to replace used filter cartridges – cartridges are available for purchase. This solution significantly facilitates the filter maintenance, because the filter does not require regular cleanliness checks carried out by the user, but informs itself about the need for care. This fact will particularly appeal to every aquarist and will relieve the user.

Biological filtration is provided by a high porosity insert of various porosities. the insert is a habitat of bacteria that lower the concentration of NH3, NH4 and NO2 in the aquarium, while affecting fish health and providing natural food for plants.

Chemical filtration is provided by activated carbon, which perfectly binds metals and their compounds, humic substances, pesticides and metabolic products. It is a water-clarifying refill and reduces the odor of water. It improves water quality including biological filtration.

Mechanical filtration is provided by a non-woven fabric of appropriate density. It removes all impurities from the water, clearing water from all dust, plant residues or small floating parts of the ground.

The water inlet to the filter is via a length-adjustable tube. This feature allows you to adjust the filter to each aquarium.

The filter is equipped with smooth water flow regulation to match its capacity to the needs and size of the tank.

The manufacturer’s Resun filter is based on many years of experience. It is characterized by reliability and efficient work. The impeller, which is the heart of the device, is resistant to high resistance of the pumped water, and also has a sintered stainless steel axle with titanium, enabling the pump to operate in sea water.

Technical data:
– power consumption 6.5W
– maximum output 600l / h
– minimum capacity 300l / h
– dedicated to the aquarium 76l to 114l
– insert model: RFC02


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