Resun Retro Fit GTR LED – 23W 120cm SUPER PLANT



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Lamps from the Retro Fit GTR series are a perfect replacement for a traditional T8 fluorescent lamp. The manufacturer Resun Aqua Syncro used High-Power-Led diodes, which significantly exceed the quality, lighting power and energy efficiency of competition products. The lamp is adapted for mounting under the cover, thanks to special adapters. Has its own power supply system.

More information
Retro Fit GTR lamps are an excellent product made with a view to replacing the outdated lighting system based on fluorescent lamps. The use of LED lamps with High-Power-Led diodes goes far into the future compared to ordinary fluorescent lamps, providing much more light, energy saving longevity and much faster and more abundant plant and coral growth.

LEDs provide energy savings of up to 75% compared to fluorescent lamps, and most importantly, they generate much more light that is directed downwards rather than around like a fluorescent lamp.
The use of Resun Aqua Syncro lamps significantly reduces power consumption, which is quickly felt by the user.
An additional great advantage of the Retro Fit GTR lamps is their longevity. Lighting effectively shines up to 12 years, without changing your parameters. Comparing this advantage to traditional T8 fluorescent lamps, which should be replaced every 6 – 9 months, it is easy to notice that the use of LED lighting is by all means economical and satisfactory.
It is also worth mentioning that LED lighting does not generate heat, which is not insignificant during the warm season.

There are many models of Retro Fit lamps on the market, but only lamps from the Resun Aqua Syncro manufacturer are produced with a view to replacing a given, specific fluorescent lamp. The lighting is designed so that the light is emitted along the entire length (from the holder to the holder), where in the case of other Retro Fit lamps the light was only available for part of the length of the replaced fluorescent lamp.
Additionally, only the Resun Aqua Syncro lamp is placed inside a glass tube made of glass with the highest water resistance and transparency. This solution does not block the flow of light, and moreover does not dull over time like the plastic tubes of competing Retro Fit’s.

The lamp has special adapters that allow easy and quick installation in T8 lampholders after an old fluorescent lamp. The product has its own power supply system with a switch on the cable. The lamp will not use the old electrical system that operated the fluorescent lamp.

The Retro Fit GTR series from the Resun Aqua Syncro manufacturer differs primarily with more power and stronger light than the Retro Fit series from the Resun Aqua Syncro manufacturer. It comes in several color varieties (Super Plant, Super Malawi, Super Sunny) and are produced in lengths enabling replacement of T8 fluorescent lamps with power 15W, 18W, 30W and 36W.

The SUPER PLANT color is based on the High-Power-LED RGB technique. The reddish white light emitted by the lamp is the result of mixing colors with a color temperature of 6500K, 7500K and 8500K in the proportions 25% to 25% to 50%. Such a mixture of colors perfectly affects the photosynthesis of plants, significantly accelerating their lush growth and strengthening the coloration. The SUPER PLANT color perfectly replaces the popular Grolux fluorescent lamp and daylight 865 fluorescent lamps.

Technical data:
– to be replaced with a fluorescent lamp: T8 36W 120cm
– color scale: SUPER PLANT (6500K, 7500K, 8500K)
– power consumption: 23W
– cable length: 1.5m

– cable length: 1.5m


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