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Repti-Zoo TerraFog – is a modern and energy-saving solution to the problem of humidity inside the catwalk. The device generates a natural mist that looks extremely phenomenal. It also contributes to dew formation. The generator can increase humidity up to 100%.

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What is fogger and why use it?
Fogger Repti-Zoo is a small device generating real cold fog. Fogger is great for raising humidity in a desert or tropical terrarium. It can raise humidity up to 100% in continuous operation. It brings the natural environment closer and the fog is a spectacular decoration of any terrarium.

Do animals need fog?
The device creates adequate humidity inside the paddock, thus creating safe living conditions for most terrarium animals, min. arachnids, reptiles and amphibians. It should be remembered that adequate humidity protects the pet’s skin against excessive drying.
Settling fog creates dew, which is readily taken up by some animal species.

How does TerraFog work?
The fog generator using an ultrasonic signal immediately atomizes the water efficiently creating real fog. Thanks to the use of such technology, the device consumes not much current, does not change the temperature inside the catwalk and is inaudible.

How to install fogger?
Put the device in a small dish. By regulating the depth of immersion, we also control the amount of fog generated.

Is fogger safe?
Fogger operates at low voltage. It is completely waterproof. It has a sensor that turns off the device in the absence of water in the container.

Repti-Zoo is a brand of the world’s largest producer of terraristic equipment. Most known and valued companies use their factories, experience, services and goods. Their products can be found among the best brands from around the world, including from Germany, England, Australia, USA and Japan.
Recently, the products of this brand are also available to customers under the original name of the manufacturer – Repti-Zoo.
It is a top-class brand whose products are created in cooperation with world-class herpetologists, thanks to which the products enjoy the interest not only of known companies but also of private breeders.
Repti-Zoo is the precursor of new solutions that are appreciated by customers.


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