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Reef Interests BioPellets XL 500g

NP-reducing BioPellets are made of biodegradable polymers, which are a source of organic carbon. They are a deposit in the form of small pills on which they deposit, multiply and nourish aerobic bacteria. The nitrification process effectively purifies the water from compounds such as nitrates and phosphates. The excess bacteria will be consumed by the corals and other aquarium inhabitants, or removed from the water by the skimmer. It is therefore best to place the filter outlet with RI BioPellets XL in front of the skimmer, which further increases gas exchange – CO2 removal and O2 addition.

On average, it takes about 2-4 weeks for a sufficient amount of bacteria to develop and the stage of lowering nitrate and phosphate levels to begin. RI BioPellets XL after some time consumed by bacteria decrease in size, therefore their amount should be replenished (approx. 100 ml) every 3-6 months. In the initial period, it is recommended to use 25g RI BioPellets XL per 100l of system volume. Then slowly increase the amount of 25g / 100l per week until the system volume is 100-200g / 100l.

Advantages of this method:
RI BioPellets XL stimulate local bacterial growth in the filter chamber, not in the entire aquarium.
They prevent the growth of cyanobacteria as bacteria growing on RI BioPellets XL will compete with unwanted microbes.
There is no danger of overdosing.
BioPellets XL is never changed, it is only sprinkled from time to time to fill the loss.
It is an effective and simple way to eliminate nitrates and phosphates from water, not requiring daily dosing.


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