Red Sakura



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Sakura Red Fire (Neocaridina davidi (heteropoda) var. Sakura)

These small crustaceans inhabit streams, ponds and flooded grasses and reeds in China, Taiwan and Korea. Females of these shrimps, usually larger than males, also have a more intense red color. Although representatives of this species are calm and can be kept in the company of other species of shrimps and fish, hiding places are required to provide these beautiful crustaceans with a safe place to pass exuvia. Sakura Red is omnivorous; eats algae, food for aquarium fish and shrimps (both flakes and granules), as a variety of diet recommended administration of beech or oak leaves.

Prawns ready for breeding after 3 months of life. Sex dimorphism is noticeable even for a novice grower. The female wears approx. 30 eggs, of which the offspring are born after 3-4 weeks.


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