Red rili shrimp

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Red Rili Shrimp are peaceful and sociable freshwater shrimp. These shrimp are highly adaptable creatures and can live in almost any freshwater aquarium with a wide range of water parameters. A colony of these shrimp works as a very effective cleaning crew for your aquarium, cleaning up algae and waste. Red Rilis are very popular for planted tanks and community aquariums because they are very active and breed very quickly.


You can keep Red Rili Shrimp with different shrimp species in the same tank as well as smallish non-aggressive peaceful fish.


Red Rili Shrimp feature a prominent red and white colouration, with the white parts often appearing transparent. They have a diverse degree of transparent areas, from very little red to mostly red with clear patches. However, their standard colour usually consists of red on the head and tail with a clear body. These shrimp typically have different markings.


Quick Facts
Scientific Name Neocaridina davidi var
Other Names None
Family Atyidae
Genus Neocaridina
Origins Southeast Asia
Temperament Peaceful
Aquarium Level All Levels
Difficulty Beginner – Intermediate
Shoaling No
Best kept as Groups 8+
Diet Omnivore
Reproduction livebearer
Lifespan 1 – 2 years
Water Parameters
Water Type Freshwater
PH 6.0 – 8.0
GH 4 – 8
KH 3 – 15
TDS 120-250
temperature 65 – 85℉

18.3 – 29.4℃


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