PREMIUM DAILY FOOD – SPIRULINA SPINACH FLAKES is a complete food in the form of flakes for all types of tropical fish. Flakes contain: fish meat and fish meal, wheat flour, vegetable protein concentrate, dried yeast, plankton, algae (spirulina), vegetables (spinach), fish oil, lecithin, multivitamin supplement, plankton, plants, zeolite, garlic. Moisture% 12 Protein% 40 Crude fat% 8 Crude fiber% 2 Vitamins: unit min. Vitamin A IU / kg 25,000 Vitamin D3 IU / kg 1,500 Vitamin B2 Mg / kg 4,5 Vitamin B12 Mg / kg 5 Vitamin E Mg / kg 100 Vitamin K3 Mg / kg 8.. Feeding instructions: several times a day in small portions so that the fish can eat in a few minutes