P GROW -125ml phosphorus fertilizer for aquatic plants



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P GROW ONE is a preparation that supplies phosphorus. Phosphorus is not only an essential component of a number of organic compounds and many enzymes. Additionally, through high-energy phosphate compounds of the ADP or ATP type, it is the main carrier and accumulator of energy in biochemical processes taking place in plants. P GROW ONE additionally contains ingredients that increase the absorption and use of macro and micro elements. P GROW ONE is especially recommended for tanks with an active substrate and a CO2 dosing system.


1 ml of P GROW ONE per 100 l of water increases the concentration of PO4 to approx. 0.1 mg / l.


P GROW ONE slightly increases the concentration of potassium in the aquarium. At a PO4 concentration of 0.1 mg / l, it is about 0.04 mg / l. Optimal doses and target phosphorus concentration should be selected individually for each aquarium, taking into account the number and species of plants, lighting, type of substrate, water hardness, CO2 concentration and the concentration of other plant nutrients, such as nitrogen or potassium. In the event of an overdose, part of the aquarium water should be changed immediately. We recommend using P GROW ONE together with other preparations from the PLANT ONE series.

Available packages: 125 ml and 500 ml.


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