Microbe Sili Out 2 1000ml – for silicate



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Sili-Out 2 is a top-quality cartridge that quickly, safely and permanently removes silicate, phosphates, barium, arsenic and chromium. Effectively removes yellow water discoloration and improves water quality and clarity. Sili-Out 2 allows targeted reduction of the above impurities in a safe form for animals, without affecting the pH value.

More information
Sili-Out 2 is a product based on aluminum with a purity of over 99%. It is irreplaceable to fight diatoms and unwanted harmful elements. Thanks to water purification, the preparation contributes to faster development of plants and corals.

Dosage: Use 50 ml per 100 liters of sea or fresh water.

Tips: Always start with the recommended dose of Sili-Out 2.
Dosage can be doubled if needed.
Before use, thoroughly wash the Sili-Out 2 under water to remove any abrasive dust.
The ideal phosphate level in marine aquariums should be between 0.02-0.05 mg
Silicate concentration should not be detectable.
We recommend using Sili-Out 2 in the filter – reactor or filter sock / bed bag in a place with high water flow.
Use Sili-Out 2 every 2 months alternately with Microbe-lift Phos-Out 4 filter material to avoid the build-up of unwanted aluminum and iron compounds.

The packaging has a bed net.


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