Microbe-Lift Sili-Out 2 Silicate Remover


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Sili-Out 2 from Microbe-Lift is an aluminium-based granular filter medium for use in fresh and marine water aquariums. It removes unwanted silicates quickly and effectively from the water, and thus prevents the growth of diatoms and other brown algae that need silicate to grow. Contaminants such as phosphate, barium, arsenic and chromium as well as dyeing substances are also efficiently bound and permanently removed from the tank. The water quality is noticeably and permanently improved, which is reflected in the growth of rich and healthy plant and coral growth. The application of Sili-Out 2 is harmless for animal aquarium inhabitants and the pH-value of the water is not affected.


  • Removes silicate, phosphate, barium, arsenic, chromium and dyeing substances in a targeted and efficient manner
  • For an optimal water quality in the aquarium tank
  • Promotes healthy and rich growth of plants and corals
  • Harmless for animals
  • Application in marine and freshwater aquariums
  • Based on aluminium with a degree of purity >99 %
  • pH neutral
  • Successfully and reliably counteracts brown algae growth


From Sili-Out 2, 50 ml per 100 l of water are used according to the recommended dosage. If necessary, the dosage can be increased over time up to 100 ml per 100 l of water.
Before application, it is necessary to rinse Sili-Out 2 thoroughly to remove any abrasion. It is, then, best used in a fluidised bed filter or filled into a filter stocking and placed in a well flowed place in the aquarium, such as the internal or external filter.


In saltwater aquariums the phosphate level should ideally be between 0.02 – 0.05 mg/l, silicate should not be detectable in the water.
For the duration of one application, of Microbe-Lift Substrate Cleaner to remove phosphate deposits, Sili-Out 2 must be removed from the aquarium circuit until the water is clear again.
The aluminium based Sili-Out 2 is best applied monthly alternating with Microbe-Lift Phos-Out 4 which is based on iron hydroxide. This prevents the undesired accumulation of aluminium or iron in the aquarium.



The most important products manufactured by Microbe-Lift are based on a combination of different useful bacteria that further a natural balance in planted tanks or aquascapes.

The bacteria products are biologically degradable. They bring about an improvement of water quality and strengthen the flora and fauna in the tank.


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