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A floating magnetic cleaner designed for cleaning freshwater and marine tanks made of glass. Thanks to strong neodymium magnets that create a strong magnetic coupling between the two halves, we are able to very precisely clean the windows from algae while keeping our hands dry. The cleaner can be equipped with a dedicated razor blade

Magnetic cleaner:
It is a perfect device for cleaning aquarium glass. It enables quick and precise cleaning without having to put your hands into the aquarium. It has two different coatings that clean the glass from the outside and inside.

Mag Float floating cleaner:
Most cleaners sink in water when detached, which is a significant disadvantage and causes some complications. Only the Mag Float cleaner floats to the water surface when detached. Every aquarist will certainly appreciate this advantage of the Mag float cleaner.

Scraper in the Mag Float Long cleaner:
A scraper can be purchased separately for the magnetic cleaner. This scraper significantly speeds up the care process and enables even more precise cleaning.
Depending on your needs, the scraper can be installed or removed thanks to appropriate inserts.

Algae feeder:
Like the scraper, the cleaner can be equipped with a feeder. It is a small clip that holds the algae sheets firmly. Magnetic installation and the ability to quickly remove such a feeder using the magnet of the cleaner makes the feeding process much easier and is a great replacement for standard algae clips.

The offer applies to the Mag Float Long cleaner with the option of installing a clip and scraper. The clip and scraper are sold separately.

Technical data:
– dimensions: 6x4x3cm
– maximum glass thickness: 5mm


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