Maflora Intense 10L



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Product description
Maflora Intense is a substrate rich in nutrients and minerals for aquariums with aquatic plants. Made of natural, black volcanic earth and organic additives, rich in micro and macro elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron. The nutrients contained in the medium are constantly available to plants and contribute to their better development in aquarium conditions. A special production process gives Maflora Intense unique features, as does Maflora Light with an even stronger fertilizing formula.

Properties of the Maflora Intense substrate
Fertilizes plants
Supports rooting
Crystallizes water
Stabilizes the pH
Increases the filtration surface
Accelerates biological filtration
About the brand
ROTALA is a well-known and respected producer of high quality aquarium plant products. The brand is nurtured and developed by hobbyists and lovers of aquatic plants. Narrow specialization, i.e. aquarium plants, makes ROTALA products unique in their class, which is confirmed by numerous opinions of aquarists who have had the opportunity to use e.g. substrates.


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