Macro Aqua pH Controller with a temperature sensor v2



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The Macro Aqua pH computer is a device necessary in every CO2 set. It regulates the dosage of CO2, and by means of continuous pH measurement in the aquarium water, it controls the level of this parameter at a constant, optimal level. Additionally, this device monitors the water temperature in the aquarium. It has automatic calibration.

What does it do?
The pH controller is designed to regulate the supply of CO2 to the aquarium. Based on the pH readings from the probe, the computer stabilizes the pH value at a uniform, constant level. e.g; 6.8 pH.

About calibration and pH probe:
The Macro Aqua v2 pH computer measures with an extremely precise probe. It is possible thanks to automatic calibration in buffers with a pH value of 4 and 7. Thanks to this, the probe readings have a range of 0-14pH and an extremely small margin of error of indications of 0.1%. The computer itself can maintain the set pH value in the range of 3.5-10. Buffers are part of the kit.

PH and temperature display:
The pH measurement results are displayed on the LED screen with an accuracy of tenths. The temperature is displayed below. The housing is made of high-quality plastic, thanks to which the whole looks elegant and solid.

Mounting options:
The set includes a foot / computer stand and a hanger for the edge of the aquarium. In addition, the computer’s pH housing has installation holes, with which we can attach the controller to, for example, the wall of the cabinet and four large suction cups.

The probe has a separate hanger for the edge of the glass.

– Macro Aqua PHT2 computer
– manual in Polish
– pH 4 and 7 buffer (25ml in bottles with 50ml capacity, so you can insert the probe directly into the bottle)
– Macro Aqua probe
– probe hanger
– computer hanger and footer
– 4 suction cups
– 2 mounting screws (e.g. as a hanger for the inside of the cabinet)
– original packaging

Technical data:
– power consumption: 2W
– measurement accuracy: 0.1%
– measurement range: 0-14pH
– working range: 3.5-10 pH


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