Live Sand Bio Active Samo-Pink 9KG



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Live Sand Bio-Active Live Aragonite Samoa Pink 9kg is a sand containing marine bacteria for faster tank stabilization. It helps remove nitrates, nitrites and ammonia, restoring the natural balance of the aquarium. Each kilogram of this live sand contains over 22 million heterotrophic bacteria. White color.

More information
Reduces the amount of glassy nitrates. Serves as a buffer, helping to maintain proper pH and saturation with inorganic elements such as strontium, cobalt, zinc and molybdenum. The sand grains have a diameter of 0.5-1.7mm and are ideal for covering the bottom in reef tanks.

Contains the following trace elements:
-zinc sulfate
-calcium chloride
Manganese chloride
– cobalt chloride
-copper sulfate
Sodium molybdate
– strontium chloride
nickel chloride
potassium bromide
sodium silicate



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