KRILL – complementary food for shrimps 10g



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KRILL is a complementary food (complementary feed), in addition to its high protein content (60%), it is an excellent source of natural astanxanthin, unsaturated omega 3 acids, amino acids, minerals and natural chitin. The special production process and the natural binding substances used prevent the KRILL (Kryl) food from disintegrating in water (it does not contaminate the substrate), while maintaining a soft structure, easily accessible to shrimps for a long time.

Directions for use: Typically 1 piece (about 1 cm) for about 5-10 shrimps 3 to 5 times a week as a supplement to the VITAL complete food. For smaller amounts of shrimp, divide the portions proportionally so that the food is eaten within 24 hours.

Basic analysis: crude protein 60%, crude fat 5%, crude ash 14%, crude fiber 3%. Extended analysis available at this link.


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