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Effervescent tablets with instant action designed for water treatment for fighters

Removes chlorine and chloramine
Removes organic matter and bad smell
Removes ammonia
Buffers the pH to neutral 7.0
Provides electrolytes
Detoxifies heavy metals

Betta Tabs are easy-to-use tablets that improve water quality in small aquariums with Betta fish up to about 10l. They control odor and toxins. The preparation makes tap water safe for all fighters – just use one tablet a week! One tablet removes the elements and substances that are harmful to fish in tap water, such as: ammonia, chlorine, chloramine, toxic organic waste and heavy metals. Moreover, each tablet benefits the health of your fish by building up mucus on their body and by providing them with the necessary electrolytes.


No risk of water spills – dry tablets safe and easy to use
Easy to use by children
Easy to measure
Usage method
Measure the amount of water to be treated: fill the aquarium with water using a measuring cup or a clean mineral water bottle. Use something that can act as a measuring vessel. Throw a tablet inside and pour over the tap water, Done! Dosage: before introducing the fish, use 1 tablet for every 2 liters of fresh water. Wait for the tablet to dissolve in the water, the tablet begins to fizz out immediately after being tossed in making the water safe for fish. After 5 minutes, you can let the fish in. The tablet will not dissolve completely, protecting the fish from toxins. A weekly 20% water change is recommended. Before the change, water should be prepared in the room with the fighter, so that it has the same temperature. Fresh water can be prepared in advance in a mineral water bottle, using 1 tablet per 2 liters of water or less. If you are unable to perform a water change this week, add the tablet directly to the fish tank, returning to regular water changes the following week.

NOTE: The preparation is intended for the aquarium, not for human consumption. Keep away from children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with lukewarm water. If swallowed, consult a doctor.


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