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AQUAWILD KoKo (Exotic)

Ceramic coconut for larger cichlids, catfish, armory


KoKo are ceramic coconuts with a long hole from the bottom of the coconut for larger cichlids, catfish, and armor. Ideal as a shelter, spawn. Higher than standard construction allows fish to move freely inside KoKo. A large hole allows larger fish to flow inside. KoKo is tall so that the fish have plenty of room for maneuvers inside the coconut.

Koko comes in three colors and three sizes. Koko are hand-made by ceramic artisans, which is why dimensions can vary + -15%. The approximate sizes of KoKo are:

S 10 x 7.5 cm (diameter x height)
M 12 x 9 cm (diameter x height)
L 14 x 12 cm (diameter x height)



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