Jecod CBF-4000 – pressure filter for 4000l pond



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The innovative pressure filter CBF 4000 for the pond by Jecod is a modern solution ensuring maximum mechanical and biological filtration in the pond up to 6000 liters of capacity. In addition, the filter has a built-in UV lamp that eliminates algae and their spores as well as pathogenic pathogens. The filter has a self-cleaning mechanism.

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The multi-stage biological and mechanical filtration process ensures maximum filtration in the mesh up to 6000l. The large surface of the sponges, with different gradations, and the bio-ball ensure greater filtration and are an excellent place for the settlement and multiplication of nitrifying bacteria. Jecod CBF has a unique filter contamination indicator that monitors external pressure – it shows green when the filter is working properly and turns red when filter cleaning is needed. May be partially buried. The pressure filter is ideal for waterfall and fountain applications. The easy-to-use sealing mechanism ensures perfect sealing and easy handling. In addition, the filter has UV light, which is placed in a special quartz glass, which does not block UV waves, which has a positive effect on the lamp’s efficiency.
Jecod CBF has nozzles of various sizes at the inlet and outlet, so you can connect a hose of any diameter.

Filtration in Jecod CBF:

Stage 1 – Mechanical Filtration – Water is pumped into the filter, creating the necessary pressure for effective mechanical filtration. In this phase, the filtration of solid particles takes place, which are caught by different gradations of the sponge, specially designed for this purpose.

Stage 2 – biological filtration – This stage uses the sponge’s micro pores as a great place for bacteria to settle and multiply. These bacteria naturally convert harmful ammonia, ammonium, nitrates and other waste, including nitrogen compounds, into healthy nitrates that fertilize aquatic plants and support safe pond conditions by maintaining biological balance.

Stage 3 – UV lamp sterilization – The final filtration stage uses ultraviolet (UV) light placed in the center of the filter. The emitted light kills algae and their spores, fungi, fungal spores and, most importantly, pathogens.

Self-cleaning process:

Jecod CBf has a special indicator that shows the state of filter contamination. When the ribbon turns red, start cleaning the filter. Thanks to the system used, cleaning is quick, easy and without the need to dig out the filter or disconnect / block the outlet / return to the pond.

Jecod CBF sits on a sponge in the shape of a cylinder. The sponge insert is surrounded by a ring connected to a handle on the outside of the filter. Move the handle down and up, squeeze the sponge, removing the impurities which, in turn, come out of the filter with a separate outlet for impurities.

The whole process takes little time and effectively rinses / squeezes the sponges, restoring their freshness, which has a positive effect on the further operation of the filter, i.e. effective filtration.

Technical data:

Water pond: max 6000l
Inlet and Outlet Diameter: 20/25/32/40
External dimensions: diameter 343 mm / height 350 mm
UV lamp power: 9W


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