Jebao SOW-8 8500l/h- wave maker with controller



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The SOW series pumps are the direct successor to the improved OW Series circulating pump. The new SOW series pump is designed for waving mode. All engine designs and technical solutions foster trouble-free operation, improve work culture and ensure noiseless operation of the pump

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Without proper circulation of water in the tank it is difficult to create a nice, realistic looking aquarium. Lack of sufficient water traffic negatively affects the distribution of elements, nutrients and minerals that directly affect the condition of fish, corals or plants. Appropriate circulation ensures good oxygenation of water in the tank and prevents the formation of cyanobacteria.

Is there a SINE SOW Series circulation pump?
This is the latest and the most perfect model of the Jecod / Jebao circulator. The pump was created on the basis of many years of experience and has been significantly improved compared to the predecessor of the OW series. The SOW construction assumes continuous operation in undulating, where the construction of the motor and materials ensure quiet and trouble-free operation of the device.

What is the difference between the SOW and RW series?
In RW series pumps, part of the motor control electronics is located in the pump head, which may cause failure and loud operation.
The SOW series has all the electronics placed in the controller, guaranteeing failure-free operation and noiseless operation. This solution is only found in the OW, SOW and Hsbao EW series. Over the years, this solution has been checked by thousands of users, not only in Poland and today enjoys the recognition of aquarists.

What is the difference between SOW and OW and RW?

– Engine:
Jecod / Jebao has re-designed this element of the circulator. The new design of the engine assumes the longevity, trouble-free operation and quiet operation of the pump in extreme conditions and at the most demanding mode of operation – waving. Changes in the structure and changes in the chemical composition of materials used for the production of the engine, rotor and axles are the best solution and are conducive to the continuous work of the circulator in the mode of wave of each type and performance.

– Magnet:
The SOW series has a stronger magnet, improving the installation of the circulator and allowing it to be installed on a thicker glass.

– 3D / 360 holder:
The pump holder allows full adjustment of the water outlet without any restrictions. The dampening system of the circulator’s work has been improved, reducing its vibrations. In addition, the handle has rubber inserts that prevent automatic change of the direction of the water jet outlet.

– Efficiency:
The new engine type has better performance at the same power consumption.

– Discretion:
The pump head is smaller than the equivalent of OW or RW. SOW does not generate any sounds.

What are the modes of work?
W1: waving mode, the circulator works intermittently, which results in the appearance of beautiful waves on the surface of the water and the swinging of the interior of the aquarium.

W2: waving mode, the pump smoothly changes its efficiency from 30% to 100% on the sine wave pattern. Naturlanie looking waves are created.

ELSE: random mode, the pump controller sends its various random orders to change the way it works.

H: jet mode, in this mode the pump produces a constant stream, water current.

C: alternate mode, pumps work alternately.

What’s the function?
– twilight sensor: reduces the pump’s capacity for the night, reflecting natural tidal waves.
– feeding mode: completely disables the pump for feeding fish or corals. The pump starts automatically after 10 minutes, starting the pre-programmed operating mode.
– pump synchronization: the pump communicates wirelessly with the other SOW and OW series pumps from the tank.

Technical data:
Power: 23W
Capacity: 8500l / h
Sizes: 66×88 mm


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