Jebao SOW-16M WiFi – wave maker 16000l / h



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The SOW series pump is designed for waving operation. All engine designs and technical solutions promote efficient work, improve work culture and ensure noiseless operation of the pump. The circulator has a controller placed on the cable and the ability to completely control the application on your phone.

More information
Without proper water circulation in the tank it is difficult to create a nice, realistic-looking aquarium. Lack of sufficient water movement has a negative effect on the distribution of elements, nutrients and minerals that directly affect the condition of fish, corals or plants. Appropriate circulation ensures good oxygenation of the water in the tank and prevents the formation of cyanobacteria.

Is there a SINE SOW Series circulation pump?
This is the latest and most perfect circulator model from Jecod / Jebao. The pump was created on the basis of many years of experience and has been significantly improved compared to the predecessor of the OW series. The SOW design assumes continuous operation in waving, where the motor structure and materials ensure quiet and trouble-free operation of the device.

How is the SOW series different from RW?
In the RW series pumps part of the engine control electronics is located in the pump head which can cause malfunctions and noisy operation.
The SOW series has all the electronics located in the controller, guaranteeing trouble-free and noiseless operation. This solution is only found in the OW, SOW and Hsbao EW series. Over the years, this solution has been tested by thousands of users, not only in Poland and today enjoys the recognition of aquarists.

About the WiFi application:

WiFi control through the application on the phone:
The application is available on Android and IOS Apple. You can download the application from Google Play and App Store or directly from the QR code instructions contained in the manual. After pairing with the device, you can quickly and intuitively enter your settings.

What possibilities does it have?
In a word unlimited. Choose how long the mode should last, e.g. smooth wave. Choose variable power from 30% to e.g. 77% and interval in milliseconds. Then program another wave mode or continuous or random operation mode. Set the power of its power and feeding time for when you want. All these settings and more can be made by the pump in one day.

Is this difficult to understand? below is an example of programming for one day only:
“from 6:00 am to 9:12 am I programmed a constant mode at 45% power. From 09:12 to 12:00 random mode. From 12:00 to 15:24 smooth wave from 30% to 55% of power in a short interval 0.22 seconds I have feeding here for 6 minutes, then a jumping wave with a long interval of 0.95 seconds from 30% to 95% of power until 17:36, and again random mode until 23:00. At 23:00, a permanent 30% mode is activated.

You do not have to use the WiFi application. You can control manually!

What operating modes are programmable from the controller?
W1: waving mode, the circulator works intermittently which results in the appearance of beautiful waves on the water surface and rocking inside the aquarium.

W2: wave mode, the pump smoothly changes its efficiency from 30% to 100% in the sine wave pattern. Natural-looking waves are generated.

ELSE: random mode, the pump controller sends various random operation changes.

H: stream mode, in this mode the pump produces a constant stream, water current.

C: alternating mode, pumps operate alternately.

What features does it have?
– twilight sensor: reduces pump performance at night, reflecting natural tidal waves.
– feeding mode: completely turns off the pump while feeding fish or corals. The pump switches on automatically after 10 minutes starting the pre-programmed operating mode.
– pump synchronization: the pump communicates wirelessly with other pumps in the SOW and OW series from the tank.

Technical data:
– power: 35W
– maximum capacity: 16000l / h
– minimum capacity: 1200l / h
– dimensions: 85 x 101 mm
– pump size inside the aquarium: 85x95m


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