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The SLW circulator series uses the same latest technology as installed in the SOW series, but is 20% more efficient with the same power consumption. SLW is unique in terms of the construction of the head, which is extremely flat. In addition, the pump is mounted directly on the glass, significantly saving space in the aquarium making it less visible and at the same time subtle.

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Without proper water circulation in the tank it is difficult to create a nice, realistic-looking aquarium. Lack of sufficient water movement has a negative impact on the distribution of elements, nutrients and minerals that directly affect the condition of fish, corals or plants. Appropriate circulation ensures good oxygenation of the water in the tank and prevents the formation of cyanobacteria.

Is there a SINE Wave Pump SLW Series circulation pump?
This is the latest and most perfect circulator model from Jecod / Jebao. The pump was created based on many years of experience and has been significantly improved compared to the predecessor of the OW / RW series. The SLW design assumes continuous operation in waving, where the motor structure and materials ensure quiet and trouble-free operation. devices. The pump is mounted directly on the glass surface with a strong magnet.

How is the SLW series different from RW and other standard circulators?
In the RW series pumps part of the engine control electronics is located in the pump head which can cause malfunctions and noisy operation.
The SLW series has all the electronics located in the controller, guaranteeing trouble-free and noiseless operation. This solution is only found in the OW, SOW, SDW and Hsbao EW series. Over the years, this solution has been tested by thousands of users, not only in Poland and today enjoys the recognition of aquarists.

How is the SLW series different from the SOW?
The difference is in the magnet and how the pump is installed in the aquarium. SLW is mounted directly on the glass pane, thus saving space in the aquarium. The pump head itself has a flat design, including the impeller and its blades, the coil and the housing. In addition, the pump generates 20% more efficiency in l / h with the same power consumption as its previous counterparts SOW and OW.

Advantages and features of the SLW series:

– Engine:
Jecod / Jebao has redesigned this circulator element. The new design of the engine guarantees longevity, trouble-free operation and quiet operation of the pump in extreme conditions and in the most stressful mode of operation – waving. Changes in the structure and changes in the chemical composition of the materials used to manufacture the engine, rotor and axle are the best solution and promote the continuous operation of the circulator in the wave mode of any type and performance.

– Magnet and mounting method:
The SLW series has a unique mounting method and a unique pump head design. The design of the cylinder head pump has been maximally flattened, making it almost invisible in the tanks. The subtle installation of the pump assumes a reduction of the content of the devices in the aquarium. The magnet has a special vibration damping coating on both sides and ensures a strong and durable installation of the pump. In addition, the vibration damping coating on the inside of the aquarium allows you to control the direction of flow of the water stream.

– Efficiency:
The new type of engine has better performance with the same power consumption.

– Controller:
An extensive controller enables full control of the pump operation.

What modes of operation does it have?
W1: waving mode, the circulator works intermittently which results in the appearance of beautiful waves on the surface of the water and the swinging of the inside of the aquarium.

W2: wave mode, the pump smoothly changes its efficiency from 30% to 100% in the sine wave pattern. Natural-looking waves are generated.

ELSE: random mode, the pump controller sends various random operation changes.

H: stream mode, in this mode the pump produces a constant stream, water current.

C: alternating mode, pumps operate alternately.

What features does it have?
– twilight sensor: reduces pump performance at night, reflecting natural tidal waves.
– feeding mode: completely turns off the pump while feeding fish or corals. The pump switches on automatically after 10 minutes starting the pre-programmed operating mode.
– pump synchronization: the pump communicates wirelessly with other pumps in the SLW, SDW, SOW and OW series from the tank.

Technical data:
– power: 10W
– maximum capacity: 4000l / h
– minimum capacity: 400l / h
– sizes: diameter 6 cm x height 4 cm
– glass thickness: up to 10mm

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