Jebao MDC-3500 – return pump WiFi 3500/ h



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The latest series of circulation pumps from the known and respected Jecod / Jebao brand. The pump is operated via the WiFi application and can be manually controlled by the controller included in the set. It has an economical ratio of efficiency to current consumption. It is equipped with a set of connectors. The pump can work in full immersion or outside of water.

More information
About the MDC pump at a glance:
It is a fully controllable circulation pump with high capacity 10000l / h. It can be operated via the WiFi application and manually from the controller. It is possible to program different performance during the day and night and to set one or more feeding times. The pump will remember your findings and will automatically change the day and night performance, it will stop feeding for seven days a week, and you will have one problem.

“It took just a moment to program. Now the pump itself changes capacity at night.”

WiFi application in the MDC pump:
The application is available on Android and Apple iOS. You can download the application from Google Play and App Store or directly from the instructions contained in the packaging. After pairing with the device, you can quickly and intuitively enter the desired settings.

What are the application settings?
Pump performance settings

Unlimited in the range of 30% power to 100% or 0% for feeding time. You can set any pump performance at any hour of the day. The setting will help you a clear performance graph that breaks it down into individual hours and minutes of the day. You will determine how much% of performance is to be at a specific time. All you have to do is select a point on the chart, i.e. time and power.

“Programming is very easy. The graph tells me how much the pump will work and at what time.”
“I set myself a power ranging from 60 to 70% of the power – from 7am to 12am. At 100am 100% for an hour. Then hesitation again. At night only 30% and 40% in the morning.”

Feeding mode settings:
Enter how many times the pump is to stop during feeding – 0 to 3 times. Determine what time and how long the feeding will last. And now The pump will stop working as you determined.

“I have two feeding times. I determined according to the automatic feeder. Now I am not worried about fish and corals”
“These settings are great! I have different pump power during the day to stimulate a variety of ocean conditions and three feeding times.”

Manual setting when you do not want to use the application:
You can set the efficiency from 30% to 100% power. You will start feeding mode. All with the help of three buttons.

Technical data:
– maximum capacity: 3500l / h
– minimum capacity: 1050l / h
– water lifting pole: 3.5m
– maximum power consumption: 28W
– minimum power consumption: 8,4W
– work in full immersion: YES
– work outside water: YES

Input / output diameters: 20mm, 25mm


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