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Jecod Doser 3.1 is the latest fluid dispenser from a popular manufacturer. The precise, automatic liquid dispenser is specially designed for the needs of aquariums. Its capabilities have been expanded compared to previous versions, and the control is carried out using a convenient application (IOS / Android)

Jecod / Jebao Doser 3.1 is a precise, automatic liquid dispenser, designed especially for the needs of aquariums. Thanks to this device, you can easily and conveniently solve the issue of regular feeding of fertilizers and salt to the aquarium without the need to constantly remember about this important activity. A wide range of available settings allows you to adjust the operation of the Doser 3.1 to any tank.

What can the app do? (IOS / Android)
The application allows unlimited control of the dispenser pump. The pump is programmed and, additionally, it can be started outside the program at the user’s request. It is possible to program from 1 to 24 doses a day, where the time of a given dose is determined with the precision of 1 minute. The individual dose can be different each time, with an accuracy of up to 1 ml.

Programming example:
5:34 AM 2ml dose, 6:02 AM 4ml dose, 6:22 AM 1ml dose, 7:00 AM 10ml dose, 9:44 AM 2ml dose etc.

In addition to the large possibility of programming each dose during one day, Apka has the ability to set the dosage in intervals with an accuracy of 1 day. For example, every other day, every three days, seven days or once a month.

What can Doser 3.1 do?
The pump is capable of delivering up to 50 ml / min and has almost no suction or pumping restrictions. The individual pumps can be started manually via buttons located on the housing.

The dispenser is more than half smaller than previous designs and has mounting holes. Thanks to this, it can be easily placed, for example, in an aquarium cabinet.

Why do I need a dispenser?
It is a perfect solution for every aquarist, allowing to synchronize the consecutive portions of fluids with each other. Due to its universal nature, Doser 3.4 can work with freshwater fertilizers such as: NO3, PO4, Fe, Liquid Coal and others; salts for saltwater reservoirs such as Mg, Ca, Kh and other buffers. Thanks to the possibility of feeding liquid food, the device can also be used as an automatic feeder for corals or fry. It can feed liquid absorbents and conditioners such as PH Minus, KH / GH Plus and others.

Technical data:
– dimensions: 8 x 8 x 6cm
– number of pumps: 1
– dose accuracy up to 1ml
– programming accuracy up to 1 minute
– maximum current consumption 3W


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