Jebao DCP-20000 with controller (max 20000l / h)



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Jebao / Jecod DCP-20000 is an efficient circulation pump constructed with the use of modern solutions and technologies. The most important feature of this model is the replacement of connection nozzles with sleeves that can be directly glued to the PVC installation. The pump capacity is regulated by an electronic controller.

DCP-20000 is equipped with a number of practical solutions to facilitate operation and ensure high quality and durability. The energy-saving motor is very well muted and does not generate excessive vibrations.

The drive is transferred to the rotor by a ceramic axle, which significantly extends the life of the device. Moreover, the design of the DCP-20000 does not contain any element made of copper. The pump has automatic protection against running “dry”, without water, thus eliminating the risk of related failures. In addition, the device has a mechanism that cuts off the power to the pump in the event of blockage of the impeller.

With the DCP-20000 pump controller, it is possible to set the efficiency at which the device works in 70 different capacities. From 30% to 100% of power.

Key differences between DCT / DCS and DCP series pumps
– the use of sleeves instead of connection stubs. Glue the pumps from the DCP series directly to the PVC hydraulics, omitting the silicone hose.
– controller with 70-step regulation
– the ability to work outside the water as a flow pump (without immersion in water)

JEBAO changes its name to JECOD (Jebao ECOlogical Design)

Technical data:
Power: 175W
Capacity: max 20000l / h;
Maximum lifting of the water column: 8m
Dimensions: 196x104x163

The set includes 6 connection sockets with sizes 25/32 / 40mm


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