JBL TOPCLEAN II surface filter



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JBL TopClean II surface filter for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Removes sediment and foreign bodies from the water surface.

Removal of the scum

Infrequent water changes and overfeeding can cause biofilm (bacterial blanket) on the surface of the aquarium water as the normal external filter suction tube does not include the water surface in the filtration circuit. The bacterial sheepskin is a whitish layer of bacteria and fungi. It prevents the maximum oxygenation of the water.

Suction of surface water and deep water The JBL surface filter effectively removes or prevents bacterial scum formation. Due to the deep water suction, the surface filter can be used instead of the existing suction tube. The suction element adapts automatically to changing water levels (e.g. when water evaporates) an.

Simple installation
Connect the JBL Surface Filter to the external filter instead of the existing suction tube. Attach the suction chamber to the rear corner of the aquarium with the suction cups. Use the adjusting lever to select the surface water suction ratio and bottom filtration ratio.

Elegant shape
The adjusting spindle can be removed from the device. The JBL surface filter has an elegant half-round shape and is suitable for hoses from 9/12 to 16/22 mm in diameter.

JBL TopClean II – filter – aquarium 60-600l

– Removal of sediment and foreign bodies on the water surface: Supplement to the external filter – Surface filter for aquariums 60 – 600 liters (from 35 cm height)
– Placing the surface filter in the aquarium, connecting the external filter to the suction hose (replacement of the existing suction tube), setting the proportion of surface water suction and bottom filtration with the help of the regulating pin
– Universal: for hoses with a diameter of 9/12 to 16/22 mm. Infinitely adjustable suction capacity: surface water suction and bottom filtration. Half-round shape to be placed in the corner
– Generation 2: Improved float body – Increased buoyancy and adjustment to the water level, stronger comb, removable control pin

Technical data:

– Aquarium: 60-600l
– Compatible with most hoses (9/12, 12/16 and 16/22)
– For aquariums from 35 cm high


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