JBL ProFlora Direct Diffuser 16/22 – reaktor CO2



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JBL CO2 flow reactor. It is adapted for use on a 12 / 16mm hose

JBL ProFlora Direct is an extremely effective and efficient flow diffuser for dissolving and feeding carbon dioxide in the aquarium. Its effectiveness, ergonomics and high efficiency make it one of the most interesting solutions available on the aquarium market. Just mount the diffuser on the outlet hose from the external filter, connect the carbon dioxide pipe, and then enjoy beautiful and healthy plants in the aquarium. An additional advantage of such a solution is that there is no need to place another device inside the aquarium, which would take up space and would be visible to people watching the aquarium, therefore, JBL ProFLora Direct does not affect and does not disturb the overall aesthetics of the aquarium. In order for the feeding of CO2 to be extremely precise, the device has been equipped with a bubble counter that will allow us to determine the amount of gas supplied. On the other hand, the safety of use is ensured by an integrated non-return valve that will not allow the water to back up. As can be seen from the above description, we buy here a kind of 3-in-1 device. CO2 diffuser, bubble counter and check valve, all in one, durable and elegant housing.

The JBL ProFLora Direct diffuser also saves gas compared to traditional glass CO2 diffusers. A special membrane and the form of CO2 injection into water make the gas solubility extremely high, mainly due to a special, replaceable membrane made of multi-molecular PE material. This allows you to save up to 20% of the supplied gas. It is recommended to replace the membrane about once a year.

Remember to install the diffuser as close to the filter as possible, on the outlet hose, which supplies filtered water to the aquarium, so that the gas dissolving path is as long as possible.


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