JBL NovoBaby 30ml – food for young aquarium fish



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Complete food and optimal growth, a set of foods for young fish of viviparous species
Nutritious, easy to digest and strengthens the immune system thanks to vitamins. Ideal feeding conditions thanks to three types and sizes of food for breeding fry of viviparous fish species up to 30 mm in size.
Water does not become cloudy: Less algae growth due to adapted phosphate content, better water quality thanks to better digestibility of the food, which reduces fish excrement

The composition of the ideal food for breeding young fish depends on many factors. Young fish are in the growth phase and need important nutrients for their development. Vitamins for life are essential for strengthening the immune system. JBL’s Breeding Food consists of three different food sizes:

1. Very fine food for fry of viviparous fish species up to 15 mm in size
2. Fine food for fry of viviparous fish species up to 30 mm in size
3. Larger food for fry of viviparous fish species from 30 mm in size

Advantage through research
The results of JBL’s research expeditions, together with the knowledge of the research and development team, allowed for the development of optimal, balanced food mixtures from the highest quality ingredients.

Packaging: 30ml – 18g


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