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Re-edition of a popular medium-class medium for freshwater aquariums. The substrate was enriched with iron content and changed to black. Works well in aquariums with 50 to 450l capacity.

More information
– Optimal for plant care in freshwater aquariums. Its porous structure promotes root growth.
– Suitable for poking fish.
– A nutrient warehouse with a high iron content.
– It can absorb excess nutrients and return them if necessary.
– High iron content can be absorbed by plant roots
– Stimulates soil flora by efficient and quick colonization of beneficial bacteria in the soil. This reduces unwanted algae growth, relieves the filter and the water is crystal clear
– Underlines the splendor of fish colors thanks to the dark brown color that enhances the colors of the fish and creates a harmonious overall picture with green and red shades of plants
– Ready-to-use medium that must be rinsed under running water before use.

Successful plant care: The natural substrate stimulates the soil flora and is optimal for plant care. The nutrient warehouse acting like a battery (gives up nutrients until it is depleted and can be recharged by additional fertilizing) is water neutral and rounded. Thanks to this, it is ideal for biting species of fish, such as capuchin and catfish.

Combination with long-term nutrient medium: The supplement in the form of JBL ProFlora AquaBasis plus as a long-term nutritional medium with JBL Manado Dark as a top layer also provides for very demanding plants strong and healthy plant growth.

Application: Rinse briefly with lukewarm tap water before use to remove any dust caused by friction during transport.
Calculation formula: The correct amount of substrate: Length (cm) x Width (cm): 200 = liters Substrate at 5 cm thick

10l medium is enough for 100l aquarium.

Gradation: 1.5mm – 2.5mm
Volume: 5l



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